At Where Faeries Live, 

We offer a wide and wonderful assortment of crystals, books, decks, candles, incense, and many other tools, to support you on your Pagan path or spiritual journey. Peruse our product gallery here to get a sense of what we offer to our customers and community! 

Crystals, Stones, and Mineral Specimens

We love the wonderful world of crystals! From small tumbled pieces to carry in your pocket, palm-sized pieces for meditation, to large and impressive display pieces, we have something for everyone! If you need or would like recommendations, our staff is happy to help you select the perfect piece for your collection.

Altar and Tools

Our altars and sacred spaces are the heart of the spiritual home. Personalize yours with intuitively selected items that you resonate with. We carry a robust selection of athames, wands, cauldrons, altar cloths, and so much more! If you are unsure where to get started, we carry many books that teach you how to create your own altar and how to work with various magickal tools.

Herbs and other Botanicals

Explore our incredible selection of herbs and botanicals! We have hundreds of herbs, resins, roots, berries, and flowers for all your magickal needs!


Incense comes in four main forms: sticks, cones, rope, and loose. Loose or powdered incense will require a charcoal puck for burning, but sticks and cones are self-combusting and only need a heat safe ash catcher or container. If you are curious about our selection of incense, come on in and our staff will be happy to show you some options!


We have been voted one of the top shops in Edmonton for candle selection! And that’s because, here at Faeries, we take candles VERY seriously. Chimes, votives, tapers, pillars, shaped, beeswax, soy, scented, unscented… a rainbow of colours… you are sure to find the exact candle you need! And, to be honest, probably a few more.